• Our annual ICM FOOD DRIVE has been temporarily suspended.  If you have filled grocery bags to donate, please hang on to them. We are not collecting them at this time. We will update you on when you can bring them back to church. Thank you!

  • WANTED: GENTLY USED PURSES! It’s time to begin planning for our MOTHER’S DAY PURSE DRIVE for the homeless through Shoebox Ministry.  Do you have old purses that you are tired of? We would love to have them or you can keep one to fill yourself and bring in. These appreciative women will be very happy on Mother’s Day!  If you clean out your drawers and find costume jewelry, pretty soap, and other cute trinkets, they make great little surprise items! The purses will be filled with hygiene items. For more information, ask a Faith in Action member for details.

  • Clothing, shoes, and small appliances or household items are gratefully accepted by ICM (Interfaith Community Ministry).  The big yellow ICM collection barrel has moved from the lobby of the Worship Center to the lobby of Nelson Hall. ICM is always in need of clothing, food, and household items that are in good condition.  If you are cleaning out cupboards and closets, before you discard, give thought to the possibility that ICM clients could use it.  ICM serves the low income working people, after they pay their rent and utilities, there is very little money left. We can lend a helping hand! If you donate breakables, please pack them into a box with the outside marked fragile. This will alert our custodian, Brendan, and the ICM driver to handle carefully.  Thank you for your caring and outreach to those who are struggling to make ends meet.

  • WANTED:  EMPTY SHOE BOXES FOR THE HUMANE SOCIETY!  Don’t forget our furry friends at the AZ HUMANE SOCIETY!  They want shoe boxes any size for the cats and kittens.  It provides them a secure place and the box goes to their new home.  Susan stops by at the end of each month to take the boxes we have collected. Place them next to the Faith in Action baskets in the Narthex or you can also drop them at the front office. Make a cuddly kitten happy and secure!

  • MARYLAND SCHOOL needs a few staple items all year round.  Their budget is tight and often these items are purchased by the teachers using their own money.  The items are:  HAND SANITIZER, SANITIZING WIPES, KLEENEX, AND SUPER STICKY POST IT NOTES.  The super sticky post it notes can be found at the Office stores.  It would be greatly appreciated if you can donate any of these items every now and then.

  • BISHOP’S PANTRY needs replenishing of most everything except peanut butter and cereal.  The most needed items are canned fruit and vegetables, pasta and pasta sauce, tuna & other canned meat, rice,,hearty soups and canned dinners such as beef stew, ravioli, spaghettios etc.  Please remember to check the expiration dates.  Also, please donate sauces and gravy in cans not in jars to prevent glass breakage.

  • If you are interested in helping with any of the above drives and missions, please come to a FAITH IN ACTION meeting or see Dee Sullivan.  Faith in Action meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00 in the Office Conference Room.

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