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Summer Sundays

Calling all Youth and Children!

It’s Summertime! Schedules relax and the FUN begins! The summer enrichment program promises to be relaxed and FUN as well. For the months of June, July and August, we will not offer in-person enrichment classes for either the children or youth on the first Sunday of the month. Church of the Beatitudes dedicates the first Sunday of each month to the Communion Service of Worship, and we encourage our families to worship together during Communion Sundays.

Here’s the schedule for the remaining Sundays of the summer months:

YOUTH GRADES 7TH-HIGH SCHOOL: We invite you to our “Donut Drop-In” each Sunday from 10:15 am to 10:40 am in Room 1 next to the Worship Center front entrance. This will be a time of munchin’ on donuts, and reconnecting and sharing our summer adventures. The Youth will then join their families at 10:45 am in worship.
CHILDREN GRADES 1ST-6TH: You will begin worship with your family in the Worship Center and at 10:45 am, Deni Nordmeyer will escort the children to Room 2 for FUN activities and to meet “UGG”! Parents will pick up their child(ren) immediately following the service at 11:30 am in Room 2.  

We will continue to offer our online ZOOM classes throughout the summer on a periodic schedule as noted:
ZOOM FOR YOUTH: June 5th and July 17th at 7:00 pm MST 
ZOOM FOR CHILDREN: June 12th and July 10th AT 4:00 pm MST 

For more information and to register your Youth/Child or for links to ZOOM classes, ple
ase contact Family Ministry Coordinator, Deni Nordmeyer:

Children/Youth Rite of Passage

Sunday, May 22 | Celebration of Promotions at 10:30 am Service of Worship | Worship Center

Calling Youth and Children! We missed celebrating our youth and children’s growth during COVID. The last Rite of Passage celebration was in 2019. All youth and children that entered grades K, 4th, 7th, and high school or graduated from high school or college in the years 2020, 2021, or this year 2022, were honored on Sunday, May 22, during our service of worship. These are important transitions that we wanted to recognize. To watch the Rite of Passage ceremony, please head to our “Latest Media” page and click on the worship service video dated 05/22.

Family Ministry Events-Spring/Summer 2022


Easter Sunday, Apr 17 | Chapel & Plaza

Our Easter Event on Sunday, April 17, gathered Beatitudes families and friends, young and old, together for Easter fun and lots of CANDY!! From Easter crafts to the musicality of Sweetwater Strings Quartet, a great time was had by all! A special THANK YOU! to all the parents and volunteers who made this possible! 

Family Ministry Events - Fall/Winter 2021


Sunday, Dec 19 | Nelson Hall

Our Family Christmas Event on Sunday, December 19, brought our children & youth plus families together for holiday tidings and SMILES! From an all inclusive white elephant gift exchange to a Christmas card signing activity for our homebound members, Christmas cheer and laughter filled Nelson Hall. A special THANK YOU! to all the parents and volunteer Christmas Elves who made this possible! 


Sunday, Oct 31 | Church Parking Lot

Old traditions renewed! Our Halloween Trunk or Treat and Costume Parade made a BIG come back this year as families gathered in our church parking lot to pass out CANDY CANDY CANDY from decorated cars (and Pastor Tony’s motorcycle) to our small goblins and ghouls! Who could resist all that CANDY and Kris Nyman’s homemade pumpkin pie to the first prize winner?!


Sunday, Oct 17 | 11:30 am | Outdoor Plaza

Our kite contruction crew!
Let's go fly a kite!
RUN like the wind!
Who's driving this bus anyway?!

As predictable as Arizona weather can be most of the year, Mother Nature held back on us last Sunday for our Family Ministry Kite flying event. Despite the windless skies, our families had a FANTASTIC time drawing their dreams on kites and urging them upward with sheer manpower. A special thanks to Lee Case for his kite framing services as well as our other volunteers.   

Children/Youth Enrichment Program

Family ministry is a safe place for families to spiritually journey through life together as the wonderful humans we were born to be, sharing in a divine relationship with each other and the community as we walk through the stages of life while making God’s love real.
During our gatherings, we will have a variety of experiences guided by sacred writings to develop the natural gifts of the person in caring for our diverse humanity and our Earth home.
PARENTS: Children’s and Youth Enrichment classes will meet IN-PERSON (masked and socially distanced) during worship services on a staggered schedule in Britt Chapel, and on Zoom. Contact our Family Ministry Coordinator, Deni Nordmeyer, for the Zoom links at:

Beatitudes Children & Youth Connect on Zoom

Children (1st-6th grades) | 2nd and 4th Sundays | 4 pm MST

Youth (7th-High School) | 1st and 3rd Sundays | 7 pm MST

Contact our Family Ministry Coordinator, Deni Nordmeyer, for the Zoom links at:

At Church of the Beatitudes we are committed to creating a worship experience that will engage your child in an atmosphere of fun, acceptance and love.

We encourage your partnership in your child’s spiritual development through:

  • Providing tools to integrate Sunday teachings at home
  • Parental/Family Education and Support
  • Family Worship

Your Beatitudes Church team provides:

  • Opportunities for children to develop a personal connection with God
  • Spiritual Education
  • Music Ministry
  • Family Gatherings

Planning your first visit:

  • Check-in at the visitors table to complete a registration form for each child. The Children’s and Youth Enrichment classes currently meet on a staggered schedule each week. 
  • For young children not be participating in the Children’s Enrichment class, you may want to prepare a bag for your child that addresses his/her specific interests and any dietary needs.  Items to consider bringing may include coloring pages and pencils or crayons, a favorite stuffed toy or blanket and a snack. We have a Family space at the back of the Worship Center with comfortable couches and room to move for little ones. Our ushers are happy to direct you to this area.
  • At this time, Youth Enrichment class is held on a staggered schedule during the Worship Service and online via Zoom. This program provides students an opportunity to connect with ways to apply the lesson in their lives through active participation in:
  • Lively Discussion
  • Engaging Activities
  • Fun Games
  • Enriching Music Ministry
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